A student’s ability to read very well and with full comprehension is the one guarantee of SUCCESS for their future.

Students have as many levels of reading problems as you can imagine. That is why our library of Reading and Phonics materials was written for beginners and four higher levels. As a teacher, you will appreciate the ease with which you will be able to read and follow the lesson plans. The students will find the materials “level-appropriate” with all learning gradients minimized to prevent recurring frustration. Students learn as they go and they learn how to learn. Ask about our track record of results and the training we offer!


How to Use a Pencil, Tracing, What is Reading & Writing?

Reading, Writing and Spelling – Combined!

Writing the words makes the student more involved, not just an observer.

Letter Teams

Each letter has its own definition, full comprehension of each letter precedes reading, “letter team” comprehension also precedes reading, all letter and letter team sounds are taught.


70 stories that use only learned sounds and words, reading aloud is not a problem for any student when all words are known, all stories are uplifting.

Higher Level Reading

Level One students are not taught every word but still are able to sound out every word, drilling provides the key to certainty.


Workbooks teach the writing of letter shapes


For every letter (upper and lower case) and “letter team”, word cards for all words taught to Beginners and Level One students.


Instead of tests there are reviews to assess if a student lacks any knowledge or skills; if so, they can be easily remedied.

Teacher’s Manuals

Time requirements and specific lesson plans ensure student achievement.

Additional Materials

CD with letter sounds, coloring pages, sheets of letters for spelling games, reading log to mark each story read, teacher progress sheet, student progress sheet.

For Tutoring

Can be used for any child or adult reading and phonics remediation; 9 years old and above will use Level 3 and/or 4 only.


Students learn to read faster and with more certainty using this method, all steps are tracked so none are omitted, workbooks highlight student problems and skipped sections so they can be rectified, comprehending each and every element is a new concept and unduplicated in other phonics.