Communication is Fun (Age Group 8-12)

Without good communication skills, your child will not have many friends, be happy or confident in life. But the world is open to child who knows how to communicate well.
L. Ron Hubbard, renowned humanitarian, author and educator, found that communication is a vital part of life and is key to happiness and success. His breakthrough discoveries in this field make it possible for anyone to communicate easily and be really understood.

On this course your child will do easy practical exercises and communicate skills in:

Communication Skills ( Teens &Adults)

A man is as dead as he can’t communicate. He is alive as he can communicate.
How does one talk so that another person listens and understands?
How does one listen?
How does one know if he has been heard and understood?
These are all points about communication that have never before been analyzed or explained.
People have known that communication is an important part of life but until now no one has ever been able to tell anyone how to communicate.
The subject of communication had received no emphasis or study. Any attention given to it was mechanical and the province of engineers. Yet all human endeavor depends utterly on a full knowledge of the real basics of communication.
To master communication, one must understand it.